Native Azaleas & Deciduous Rhododendron Hybrids

Whether you call them native azaleas, flame azaleas, or honeysuckle bush, these deciduous rhododendrons are well known by Southerners for lighting up the landscape in spring. At Maple Valley Nursery, we propagate and grow over 70 varieties of native azaleas and their deciduous hybrids. This group of deciduous Rhododendrons includes many different species. We are currently growing Rhododendron austrinum, alabamense, arborescens, calendulaceum, canescens, cumberlandense, flammeum, viscosum, periclymenoides.

Many of our hybrids were developed through the hard work of Dr. Eugene Aromi, Kelly Strickland, Earl Sommerville, R.O. Smitherman and others. They have been bred for heat tolerance and beautiful, colorful flowers. Our plants are offered to wholesale growers, retail nurseries and landscape professionals.